Valerie’s voice

Valerie’s voice

Paulina Pfeiffer and Krock [SE]

American author and feminist Valerie Solana’s SCUM Manifesto scrutinizes the structures and values of the individual, the family, and society from a feminist perspective. We journey through the educational system, career, family life, politics, religion and art. Valerie’s thoughts and visions about a movement that wishes to radically alter the conditions for women as well as for men is expressed in full effect through a dramatic soprano voice accompanied by electric guitars.

On stage we meet the four guitarists Pascal Jardry, Danjel Röhr, Jesper Nielsen, Pål Nyberg and soprano Paulina Pfeiffer. The music is written by Christofer Elgh and is based on the text from Valerie Solana’s SCUM Manifesto.

Saturday 7 July at 17:30 – 18:45
Figarosalen, Halmstads Teater
75 min

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Direction: Helena Röhr
Costume: Åsa Gjerstad
Music: Christofer Elgh
Photo: Helena Röhr

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