Nineties Productions [NL]

The performance Untitled is a contemporary interpretation of the tv-show TV Party that was aired in the 80’s in New York. As counterpart to the media and politics of that time, the show invited artists and entrepreneurs who gave space to each other’s raw and unpolished perspective of the world and the arts.

The ensemble turns the performance into a party where the spectators are the guests! They present a colorful mix of music, dramatic stories, live videos, philosophical thoughts and a musical attempt to combine the seemingly incompatible.

The performance collective Nineties Productions create site-specific performances where they mix live music and theatre. They often collaborate with local artists who they also invite to participate in the performance. On stage we see Annelinde Bruijs, Lucas Kramer, Marius Mensink and Yannick Noomen.

Saturday 7 July at 21:15 – 23:45
Festsalen, Halmstads Teater
2 hours 30 min

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Director: Anne Maike Mertens
Dramaturge: Golv Houwink ten Cate
Designer: Carmen Schabracq
Producer: Mara Aronson
Technicians: Marijn van Bussel, Tony Streefkerk and Sanne de Boer
PR: Esra Johanna Merkel
Co-producer: Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis
Photo: Marc Slings

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