The Man Hanged

The Man Hanged

Joa Helgesson, Shannon Taylor, Dr. Anna Zakrisson, Santa Sangre Body Rituals and Gageego! [SE/NO/SM/MX]

For ages 18 and above. This performance is not recommended for children or sensitive persons.

The starting point for The Man Hanged is Peter Maxwell Davies piece Eight Songs for a Mad King. The main character is King George III who ruled Great Britain from 1760–1820. George has recurring episodes of mental illness and suffers from hallucinations. He seems to have been painfully aware of his deteriorating sanity. During his first fits, George was tortured, starved, bled, kept in a stable and treated like an animal, as was the common treatment of the mentally ill in George’s days. Needless to say, these methods rather worsened the condition of the royal patient.

In its interpretation of Eight Songs for a Mad King, the ensemble brings the piece into a new reality by having soloists doing so called Body Suspension, where they hang themselves by hooks pierced directly through the skin. During the suspension, the biophysical instrument Xth Sense, registers the sounds of the bodies via sensors, which is then translated to electro acoustic music. In order to create an extreme physical presence and authentic pain, Joa Helgesson and the ensemble uses these stage instruments to reproduce the “extreme physical and mental impact” that composer Peter Maxwell Davies calls for in his original work from 1969.

On stage we meet Doctor Anna who teaches us about the biology of pain in the lecture The Story of a Body Named George, opera singer Joa Helgesson, the fakirs from Santa Sangre Body Rituals, dancer Shannon Taylor. The piece is co-performed by Gageego! – ensemble for new music.

Friday 6 July at 21:00 – 22:00
Figarosalen, Halmstads Teater
60 min

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Idea, concept and direction: Joa Helgesson
Project assistant and concept: Dr. Anna Zakrisson
Music: Peter Maxwell Davies
Choreography: Shannon Taylor
XTH Sense biophysical technology: Marco Donnarumma
Photo: Aesthete Photography

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