NewOpera CO [SE]

Children’s opera for ages 6 – 10 year and families

Sånglösa has lost her ability to sing, the thing she loves the most. One day she meets Hobox the owl who wants to help her. They talk to The Forest, who gives her three missions. If she succeeds, she might be able to find her voice again. And so a journey filled with adventures, humor and struggles begins!

In this performance we meet singer My Engström accompanied by Karin Wiberg on violin and vocals, Jonas Franke Blom on cello and vocals and Niklas Rydén on piano and vocals.

Saturday 7 July at 15:00 – 16:00
Nolltrefem, Halmstad
55 min

Free entrance!
Book your ticket by e-mailing: johan.engman@halmstad.se

Libretto and music: Niklas Rydén
Direction: Henrik Andersson & Eva Ingemarsson
Dramaturge: Lena Fridell 

Scenery an costume: Monique Wernhamn
Light: Viktor Wendin
Sound: Pär Bengtsson
Production: Susanna Martelin
Producer: Jannine Rivel
Photo: Robert Eklund 

Illustration: Peter Edgar

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