Ögonblick av opera

Ögonblick av opera

Operaimprovisatörerna [SE]

Ögonblick av opera (Moments of Opera) is a completely improvised opera performance where three opera singers and a pianist create opera scenes from suggestions by the audience.

Operaimprovisatörerna interview people from the audience about important moments from their lives, dreams they carry or memories of their loved ones. The audience’s stories are the starting points for scenes, arias and ensembles from any imaginable opera genre like baroque, Mozart style and romanticism to crazy avant-garde antics!

Scenes are also placed in the local context where the audience can see what really happened when the local hotel or the church was built. It could also take the shape of a rich story à la Verdi about a local natural occurrence, charged with mysticism and superstition!

The music and libretto is created in the spur of the moment, completely improvised according to the audiences’ suggestions. The participants in the performance are singers Sara Wilen, Fredrik af Klint, Samuel Jarrick and Maria Olofson on piano.

Friday 6 July at 18:00 – 19:00
Laholms Teater, Laholm
60 min

Free entrance!
Book your ticket by calling Laholms Turistbyrå +46 430 154 50 or by e-mailing: turist@laholm.se

Costume: Operaimprovisatörerna
Photo: Kristofer Langerbeck

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