”The sweetest songs of saddest thoughts” is a quote from Whitley Strieber’s horror classic The Hunger. In this book Myriam, the main character, is an ancient being with extremely developed senses and eternal life. With her superhuman abilities she can manipulate people’s thoughts, and the intensity with which she experiences reality would appear to regular humans as one big psychedelic trip.

In the performance MYRIAM, the audience is swept into a world of sounds, both fascinating but also terrifyingly dark. The ensemble NYX touches upon subjects like immortality, loneliness, but also the quest for eternal love. Soundscapes, video sequences and stage elements blend into a musical journey where the audience can shape a story of their own. The audience wears wireless headphones, creating an intimate experience of the piece.
The duo NYX consists of Els Els Mondelaers on a.o. vocals, flugelhorn, elctric bass; and Dyane Donck on a.o. vocals, electric guitar and theremin. Soprano Claron McFadden is part of the piece as a video projection.

Thursday 5 July at 21:15 – 22:20
Festsalen, Halmstads Teater
65 min

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Concept and music: NYX
Voice and performance on video: Claron McFadden
Direction and dramaturgy: Luigi De Angelis
Video: Auke Hamers
Sound engineer live: Sandor Caron
Production: Stichting MONO
Co-production and coaching: November Music, Muziektheater Transparant, Podium Bloos, Operadagen Rotterdam
Photo: Tijn Berkelmans

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