Dialogos [FR]

Judith is a divine Hebrew women, very beautiful but also dangerous. Judith has magical powers that she uses to infiltrate the Assyrian enemies’ palace where she seduces and taunt the mighty general Holofernes.

In an interpretation of this biblical story, we enter the thoughts of Judith as she is tormented by anxiety. We follow her inner dialogue between mind and soul as she decides to kill the enemy Holofernes in order to free her people.

Dialogos is one of the most prominent ensembles in medieval music. Judith is performed by singer Katarina Livljanic, accompanied by Albrecht Maurer and Norbert Rodenkirchen on violin, flute and the medieval instruments lirica and dvojnice.

The piece is performed in medieval Croatian with English subtitles.

Saturday 7 July at 19:15 – 20:25
Stora Salongen, Halmstads Teater
70 min

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Voice, direction, text adaptation and musical reconstruction: Katarina Livljanic
Staging, scenography and costumes: Sanda Herzic
Lighting design and direction: Marie Bellot
Philological advisor: Bratislav Lucin
Photo: Thomas Kost/WDR

Ensemble Dialogos is supported by DRAC Île-de-France – Ministère de la culture et de la communication and Mécénat Musical Societe Generale. The performance Judith was created with support from Arcadi and Ambronay Cultural Center during a residency between 2006 and 2009.


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