Call for Scores

Call for Scores

What does Swedish opera and vocal music sound like?

At Halland Opera & Vocal Festival 2018, we will host a concert with the title Swedish Opera & Vocal Music. This will be an opportunity to present vocal music and excerpts from operas by Swedish composers and authors, historical and contemporary, in Swedish or other languages.

For this, we announce this call for scores for composers (and others) who wish to suggest their or other Swedish composers’ (dead or now living) works for this special occasion. Please use this form to submit your proposal. Deadline is 13 September 2017.

Form for proposals

Halland Opera & Vocal Festival is held 5–7 July 2018 and the overarching festival theme for the year is People & Creatures. Please read more at our web site if you want to connect your proposal to the theme. The concert program presenting Swedish opera and vocal music will basically be performed by artists occurring in the festival’s other shows, but exceptions can be made if there are special reasons and requests. Since it is a concert aiming to present a variety of music, proposals for short pieces are most welcome.

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