Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

We love to invite new, highly skilled, and artistically daring acquaintances!

We are looking for the new, the surprising, the unexpected, and the forgotten. Are you representing an artist or an ensemble with a fresh production involving vocal music or vocal performance of any kind, available for performances July 5–7 2018? We would be thrilled to hear about your proposal for Halland Opera & Vocal Festival and have saved some spots in the program for what we have not come to get to now yet. The theme for the festival 2018 is Humans & Creatures (please visit for more information).

Please note that we are with very few exceptions booking stage-ready productions (staged, semi staged, or concerts).

Maybe your suggestion will be the next show to be presented at the most contemporary opera festival in Sweden. Please use this form for Call for Proposals. Deadline is August 15 2017.

Form for proposals
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